New York Daily News Does An Interview With Cherise Navidad

I got a couple of inquiries from Dallas Mavericks fans today asking if Baby Dirk was still on the way.  Then all of a sudden, I get an email to my Q104 account, a phone call and an email to my gmail asking for an interview from the New York Daily News.  I happily abliged.  For those who missed it or don’t follow me on Twitter (shame on you!) here is what I sent out during game 6 of the NBA Finals:

Click here to read the article!

Video: Cleveland Auto Show

I was asked to interview Lou Vitantonio, who is the president of the Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association and the Cleveland Auto Show.  Turned out good, did have one big flub, which maybe you will hear.  I thought I said it at the time but Micah, my cameraman and sidekick, told me I said it right.  So wrong!  Had a great time, hope you like!

Interview With Kevin Roberts

I was given the opportunity to speak with TV Host Kevin Roberts.  He was on the Food Network Star series at one point and has hosted many food shows on various networks.  He didn’t manage to call me by my name but Cherie is close enough I guess!  Here we talk Frank’s Redhot, one of my favorite subjects!

Interview with Tom Johnston & John McFee From The Doobie Brothers

World Gone Crazy, the latest effort from the [lastfm]Doobie Brothers[/lastfm], hits stores tomorrow, and they took time to call in to speak with me about the new album. Check out what they had to say, plus see their latest music video and get information on their webcast that is happening today.

Hear The Interview

Interview With Carlos Santana

I got the opportunity to speak with Carlos Santana while he was promoting his new album Guitar Heaven.  It was a challenging one, very quick with the answers and I even got a little too personal (luckily we could laugh it off), but you’ll hear him talk about the album, the new American Idol judges and his children’s foundation.