New Releases For The Week Of 2.11.19

We played you five new releases this week during Trending Tracks and kicked the week off with a Grammy winner!

Kacey Musgraves sang her new single “Rainbow” from her Grammy award winning album ‘Golden Hour’ during the telecast, the same night she won big at the award show!

Logan Mize has a single out called “Better Off Gone” from his album ‘Come Back Road’ that we played for you to see what you think.

‘Reaview Town’ is the name of Jason Aldean‘s latest album and the title track is his new single! This is his fourth from this album.

George Strait has a new album coming out on March 29th called ‘Honkytonk Time Machine’, and he released the first single from the album “Every Little Honkytonk Bar”, which he debuted during a December show in Las Vegas!

And we wrapped up the week with a new song from up and coming artist Filmore called “Slower”!

What do you think about these new releases? Let me know in the comments!


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