New at Nine! Tuesday 7/18/17!

Well, I am back on nights after filling in on middays for the past week(ish)… and hosting an all new New at Nine! Here’s what we played on 94.9 WQMX!

Checking out the Mediabase Country charts, this song was #5 last week, and this week it’s moving up a spot and {NOW} playing at #4, it’s “The Fighter” from Keith Urban ft Carrie Underwood:

The {NEW} song you voted on tonight… and again, my apologies on the error in the title of this song, but it didn’t make a difference, you knew you wanted to hear it with 81% it’s Lindsay Ell “Waiting On You” (BTW, you can now pre-order her upcoming album):

And the {NEXT} release from Nashville comes from Lewis Brice. Yep, you guessed it, his brother is Lee Brice, and watch his video for “Best Ex Ever” you’ll see his brother make a cameo:


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