New at Nine! Friday 4/14/17!

Wrapping up the week with this week’s #1 song on the charts! The first #1 by a solo female artist since September 2016…

“Road Less Traveled” from Lauren Alaina moved up one spot this week and is {NOW} playing at #1! The song was co-written by pop singer Meghan Trainor, making this song her second country song to hit #1 (the last song was Rascal Flatts “I Like the Sound of That”)… chick out Lauren celebrating her #1 on her Facebook page by clicking here.

The {NEW} song you wanted to hear tonight, by a couple of votes was A Thousand Horses “Preachin’ to the Choir”:

And the {NEXT} release from Nashville comes from Canaan Smith, we debuted this song a couple of weeks ago, but it is available now for download, so we thought we would play “Like You That Way” to celebrate its release:

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