New At Nine! Friday 3/10/17

We wrapped up the week with a great set of New at Nine songs on 94.9 WQMX! Here’s what we played tonight: 

Playing {NOW} at the top of the Mediabase Country Chart is Chris Young (w/ Vince Gill) “Sober Saturday Night” moving up one spot from last week:

Tonight’s {NEW} song came from Natalie who is a big Kip Moore fan, and she is so excited that he is back after being on a break, and released “More Girls Like You”:

And the {NEXT} new release from Nashville Wynn, Kay, and the Morning Crew played it earlier this morning but we liked it so much we wanted to play it again! Old Dominion’s “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart”:

Thanks for all the great suggestions this week! We’ll be doing it again next week, so keep calling in 330-370-2000, posting on Facebook, and tweeting at us!

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