Major Announcement

Very excited to let you know that I will be your new night host on 94.9 WQMX!
I’m still walking around like, did this really happen? It did!! Beginning in January… make sure to tune in the old fashioned way, download our app from the app store, and bookmark to listen online. Oh, and save this number so you can call me: 330-370-2000.

I am so very lucky and blessed that the stars aligned one day and I got hired at Rubber City Radio about a year and a half ago. Since then, it has been nothing but opportunities, learning experiences, and growth as a broadcaster. When I first started I was doing weekends and fill-ins. Then I was brought in to do afternoon drive traffic, moved to morning drive traffic not too long after that (while still doing weekends/fill-ins), not to mention fill-in newscasts, and now I am moving to a full-time on-air role! I’ve worked so hard for this. Can not wait to do this show, I’ve been longing for it, it’s my passion: taking calls, playing great music, and connecting with you all. I love my job, I love that I get to do this to provide for my family, pinch me! No wait, don’t. You keep your distance!

Remember to always surround yourself with good, positive, encouraging people who will always support you. Anyone else… dump ’em, you don’t need that negativity in your life!

So if you missed Wynn and Wilson today, you missed a lot!

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