Interview with Ann Wilson of Heart

This one did not turn out at all how I wanted it to but you know, that happens with the ones you are excited about!  I was having technical issues and by the time I got the board working again, we only had 5 minutes.  I did what I could with it under the gun and Ann was very understanding!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Ann Wilson of Heart

  1. Ann is a living, breathing GODESS! She encapsulates all that is sexy and feminine and adds a deeply intellectual and even funny touch to it that makes her the absolute epitome of what a woman rock singer can be.
    She’s overcome the impossible to become that and will always remain that in my eyes and heart.

  2. Ann is still a beautiful, incredibly awesome singer and really cool lady.
    You idiots who criticize and ridicule her for her size need to be flogged.Grow up and learn to see the beauty in people, not what society tells you is acceptable.

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