Testimonial for August 16, 2010

Last Saturday(08/07), I emailed you and asked you to dedicate “Crush” to Connie in Lakewood. I was bummed she hadn’t called.
Well, she called Monday, and we went out tonite.
I picked her up around 7:00PM. There we were, standing in her living room….. Q104 playing in the background…  and, well, you know the rest. Thanks!!! Your timing could not have been better! I guess that’s why you’re on the radio, and I’m not. It was the perfect start to a perfect evening… including the sweetest kiss good night!
Again, thank you, and I owe you one…  a big one!
FYI, I’m the head electrician at the Cleveland Museum of Art. To show my appreciation, stop sometime, and I’ll try to give you some cool “behind the scenes” views.
Again, thanks.
Eat a peach,    Joe (the electrician)

Cherise Navidad making love connections in Cleveland!  Now that is a benefit to the listener!

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